Ready When You Need It: What to Pack in Your Child’s Dance Bag

Dance class gives your child the opportunity to express themselves through the art of dance. Dance class can also be a wonderful opportunity for your child to meet new friends and build their socialization skills. In dance class, your child will learn many wonderful skills, and not all geared towards dance.

They’ll learn listening skills, teamwork skills, how to be independent, and so much more! Before your child can benefit from dance classes, however, they’ll need a well-prepared dance bag. Your child’s ballet dance bag or dance competition bag should hold all the essential items. 

Your child should have everything they need in their bag, so they know exactly where to go when feeling thirsty, sweaty, or something else. Not sure what all the dance bag essentials are? In the guide below, you’ll discover a list of several items you should pack in your child’s dance bag.

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Change of Dance Clothes

Your child should have a change of dance clothes in their dance bag in case of an accident. It’s also important to remember that dance tights are made from a thin material that can easily rip. If their tights were to rip, then they can easily switch them out for another pair. 

Pack multiple pairs of tights in their dance bag in the colors you know they’ll need. Don’t forget the spare leotard as well. It’s also beneficial to have warm-up clothes in the bag and clothes to change into after the class. 

A change of clothes for after class helps keep the wear and tear of their dance clothes down. It also helps to keep your little one feeling more comfortable as walking around in dance attire might not be the most comfortable for them.  

Extra Pair of Dance Shoes

Aside from extra clothing, you should pack dance shoes and an extra pair of dance shoes as well. You don’t want your child walking around outside in their dance shoes as this can ruin them. Instead, always pack them in their bag.

Not wearing them outside also helps protect the dance floor, so do be sure to do your part and remove your little one’s shoes after each class. Having that extra pair of dance shoes will come in handy in case they suddenly outgrow their current pair (your extra pair should be a size up from their current ones).

You can almost guarantee your little one will wait until the start of dance class to inform you that they no longer fit in their current shoes. If your child’s taking multiple types of dance classes, then be sure to have the appropriate shoes for each class. 

Water and Healthy Snacks

Dancing is great exercise and after a good workout, anyone will find themselves thirsty and hungry for healthy foods. For this reason, you should pack water and healthy snacks for your little one. It’s always a good idea to pack a refillable water bottle in case they drink all their water and want more. 

Some healthy snack ideas are as follows:

  • fruits
  • cheese
  • low-fat yogurt
  • protein bar/granola bar
  • hummus and pretzels
  • hard-boiled egg
  • trail mix
  • rice cakes

These healthy snacks make for a quick and easy grab-and-go snack for your little dancer. Offer these snacks before and after their class to help them feel energized and refreshed. 

Hair Ties and a Brush

Think about how many times you picked your child up from daycare or school and the first thing you noticed was their crazy hair. If your child has dance class directly after school or at daycare, then having a brush and other hair accessories in their bag will come in handy. 

Your child might also come across hair troubles during their dance class. As they dance around and move about, you might find their hair getting in their face. If this happens, it’s good to have extra hair ties, a hairbrush, hairpins, and hair spray to correct the problem. 

A hairnet can also come in handy to help tame messy hair buns. 

Antiseptic Wipes

When you need a fast and easy way to clean scraps or dirty hands, antiseptic wipes can come in handy. Place a pack of these wipes in your child’s bag and have them ready at all times. They can also come in handy to wipe your child’s hands after eating their before-class snacks. 

Antibiotic ointment and bandages will also be beneficial to keep with you in their bag. Falls, cuts, and scrapes happen, especially with little ones. That’s nothing a nifty bandage can’t fix, however! Having these will keep your little one’s cuts clean and keep them happy and ready to continue class. 

A Towel

Dance is lots of fun, but it’s also lots of work. As your child moves around the dance floor, you might find them breaking a sweat. A towel can help relieve them of sweat dripping down their face or backs. 

It’s also a good idea to pack more than one towel, especially if it’s a particularly long dance class 

It’s Time to Prepare Your Child’s Dance Bag

If you’ve recently signed your child up for dance class, then it’s time to prepare their dance bag! Use the helpful information listed above to ensure you pack all the appropriate essentials in your child’s bag. 

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