A Guide to Finding the Best San Diego Dance Academy for Your Kids

It’s important to encourage your kids to explore the world around them. This includes experimenting with different hobbies, skills, and talents. Showing our children the wide world of opportunities can make them more confident and outgoing.

For example, there are countless benefits of dance classes for kids. It promotes physical health as well as socialization and discipline. Some studies even show that dancing can improve mental issues like depression and anxiety, which are prominent in teenagers.

If this sounds like something you and your child will enjoy, it’s important to find the best San Diego dance academy. But how can you be sure that you’re enrolling your child in a class they will benefit from?

We want to help you answer this question. Keep reading for a complete guide on how to find the right dance classes for your child.

Talk to Other Parents

Dance is a popular form of art and creative expression. It’s likely that you know other parents who have enrolled their children in a dance academy in Sand Diego, CA. Talk to other parents in your circle to find out more about the local dance classes.

Do any of the people you know have a dance studio they recommend? How long has their child been taking classes there?

If none of your immediate contacts has any information, log onto your Facebook account and join a San Diego community page. Once you’ve been accepted to the page, you can ask for recommendations from the thousands of members you’ll find there.

Find Out What Types of Dance They Offer

Before looking at your options for a San Diego dance academy, talk to your child about the types of dance they’re interested in. Are they drawn to ballet, contemporary dance, hip-hop dance, or something else?

The best dance academy in San Diego will be the one that offers classes your child gets excited about. At San Elijo Dance and Music Academy, we offer a wide variety of dance types. This includes:

  • Jazz dance
  • Ballet
  • Hip-Hop dance
  • Conservatory dance
  • Lyrical dance
  • Contemporary Dance
  • And more

These classes are available for children of all ages and skill levels.

Read Online Reviews

To choose the best dance classes for your child, reading San Diego dance academy reviews is a must. Find out what other parents have to say about the local dance studios.

Do they feel like the dance classes are beneficial for their children? Do the instructors seem patient, helpful, and kind? Do their children look forward to and enjoy their lessons?

Look through the academy’s website to learn about its reputation in San Diego. Check out our testimonials to see what our clients have to say about us.

Find Pictures and Videos of Dance Performances

It’s not unusual to seek more validation than that which can be found reading online reviews. If possible, look for pictures and videos of the San Diego dance academy’s classes and performances. It might help to get a first-hand view of what your child will experience.

Additionally, showing your child video clips of the types of dance lessons available to them will help them get excited about dance classes. If they’re on the fence about what type of dance they want to learn, watching these videos can help them decide.

For more insight into our dance studio and our students, take a look through our gallery.

Verify the Credibility of the Instructors

Trusting other people with your child is difficult. When they join a dance academy you need to know that they’ll be well cared for. Before choosing a studio, find out more about the dance instructors who will be interacting with your child.

They need to be well-trained and experienced to provide your child with safe dancing instructions. They need to know exactly how the body moves and what mechanics are necessary for each routine. Inexperienced teachers can end up hurting your child by mistake.

Additionally, find out more about each instructor’s dance training and education. Did they go to a school for the performing arts? How long have they been practicing their preferred dance style?

Find Out About Class Times and Scheduling

Hard-working parents with full-time jobs know how important it is to find a San Diego dance academy schedule that works well with their established routine. Before enrolling your child in a dance studio, take a look at their class schedule to see if it will work out.

What days will classes be available based on your child’s age and the type of dance lessons they want? What times are these classes?

Furthermore, what happens if your child misses a class? Will they be able to make up the class at another time?

Ask About Their Class Options

Aside from the different styles of dance offered by the studio, what options do they provide for their classes? If your child is shy or has a hard time learning in a highly-sociable environment, you might want a San Diego dance academy that offers private classes?

At San Elijo Dance and Music Academy, our instructors offer private and semi-private lessons. If your child prefers this type of learning environment or your schedule doesn’t work with the group classes, this is a great alternative option.

We also allow new students a free trial class. That way, you and your child can be sure that this is something you want to commit to.

And if one class isn’t enough to get a feel for the style of dance, you don’t have to commit to a course. You can pay for individual classes until your child is sure they want to make the commitment.

Looking for the Right San Diego Dance Academy?

Taking dance lessons of any kind is tremendously beneficial for children of all ages. If you’re ready to talk about getting your child started, we’re here for you.

Contact us today to talk about trialing one of our dance lessons or enrolling your child in a class. We can’t wait to work with you and your child to explore this new journey.