The Benefits of Learning Contemporary Dancing

As a parent, you know that physical activity is crucial to your child’s growth and development.

But what if you could find an activity that does more than just provide physical exercise? What if there was something that challenged their emotional growth, as well as encouraged them to be creative and think outside of the box?

Contemporary dancing can provide kids of all ages with these unique benefits and more. It challenges multiple parts of the brain, and it can also be an active release for energy-filled kids.

Contemporary dance draws from multiple sources of inspiration like jazz, lyrical, modern, and ballet.

Because of this, it is a dance style full of variety. If you’re looking for more reasons to sign your child up for dance classes in San Diego, keep reading.

Flexibility and Coordination

While other sports might improve stamina, contemporary dance does that and more. Due to the physical demand of dance, it can easily strain tight or untrained muscles. That’s why dance classes include stretching and warm-ups.

Whether you attend a San Diego or San Marcos dance studio, stretching will become a regular part of your child’s dance routines.

Along with that, they will also strengthen their core. Core stability supports them in improving their flexibility, as well as in their coordination and agility.

Spatial Awareness

Contemporary dance classes are often taught in open spaces without obstacles of any sort. The free space is meant to be used so that students can move and explore their individual dance style.

In addition, this dance style promotes a storyteller persona. Students can use quick changes of pace and direction to tell a story or evoke an emotion. This movement often requires a lot of space to fully express oneself.

Mental Function and Elasticity

As physically challenging as contemporary dancing is, it is also mentally challenging. It requires focus and engagement of multiple senses.

One of the most crucial of these senses is spatial awareness, as well as proprioception. Learning how to understand the space around you and how your body moves in that space is essential to dance.

Psychological Wellbeing

In relation to spatial awareness is your child’s connection to their body. Any dance and music academy will help your child to stimulate their mind-body connection.

Cultivating this level of consciousness will support your child’s overall health, as well as their ability to learn and problem solve. Their ability to concentrate may also improve.


Dance requires a sense of dedication and discipline that is arguably unmatched by other extracurricular activities.

These requirements help to build resilience and mental stamina in your child. And it is a skill they will carry with them through the rest of their life.

When kids learn to draw on the power of determination from a young age, it helps to elevate their self-confidence as well.

Stress Reduction

Stress is a plague that our kids pick up early on. They see their parents stress, they see their classmates stress in school, and they endure challenging times that cause stress.

While some levels of stress are healthy, it’s also critical that children learn how to manage their stress and release it. Attending dance studios in San Diego can provide your child an outlet to alleviate stress.

Contemporary dance is particularly effective at helping kids destress. The emotional component encourages the use of feelings and inner narratives to guide the movement.

Being able to express whatever turmoil they might be experiencing helps kids to find inner peace and optimism. It also reduces their susceptibility to mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.

Social Adeptness

When kids attend a music and dance academy, they spend at least a couple of hours a week building connections with kids and instructors outside of school.

Because dance classes are a more active environment, they can help kids practice other communication techniques they may not use in school or at home.

Plus, your kid may become friends with others in their class. With regular attendance, these friendships can foster a sense of community and belonging for your child.

Creative Thinking

From a young age, teachers of all kinds will endorse creativity. As kids get older, though, the importance of creativity will wane in the classroom. It will, however, remain in your child.

A fantastic way to let your kid flex their creative muscles is at a San Diego dance academy. Dance is inherently creative. The more kids practice being creative, the easier it will be when they are called on to be creative.

Businesses of all kinds admire creativity in job candidates. Help your child to land among the top prospects by supporting their creativity.


Similar to creativity, when kids learn how to express themselves from early on, it benefits them in many ways as they get older.

Self-expression can be especially valuable in kids who are shy or have learning disabilities. Dance provides an alternative way to tell stories and feel their emotions.

However, the kind of movement that helps your kid release their feelings may not be contemporary dancing.

If your child craves a different form of expression, you can also check out hip-hop dance classes in San Diego. Hip-hop’s style can provide other kinds of movements for your kid to explore.

Contemporary Dancing for All

Contemporary dancing is not reserved for a specific gender or type of child. It is a fluid and flexible practice that is meant to be formed by the individuality of the dancer.

Let your child’s personality shine through, and let dance classes challenge their brain and body in unique ways. To support your child’s development, you can contact us to learn more and find a dance class for your child.