How To Enroll Your Child in Local Dance Classes

Enrolling your child in local dance classes is a great enrichment activity that will help them improve athletically, socially, and mentally. Plus, it can provide a foundation that supports a future career!

However, if you don’t know the first thing about how to enroll in a dance class, you’re probably feeling at a bit of a loss. Don’t be! Read this guide and let’s take a look at everything you need to know about how to enroll your child in dance classes.

Think About Your Child’s Abilities and Interests

When choosing a dance class for your child it’s important to consider his or her interests and abilities. You should select a type of dance that fits with their interests and that they’ve wanted to learn before. 

Remember, some types of dance require a certain physique. If your child can’t physically succeed at a certain type of dance, you shouldn’t consider this for enrollment but should choose something that’s more appropriate for your child. 

Wait for the Perfect Dance Class Enrollment Age

Young children, ages 1 to 4, often find it very difficult to learn more technical dances such as jazz or ballroom dancing. However, if they seem interested in these types of dances, you can enroll them in ballet or hip-hop which make for a great prerequisite and help them develop physical skills early on. 

You should also consider your child’s attention span. The younger the child, the shorter the attention span. As such, you should choose classes that don’t require a great deal of focus as it will be tough not only for the child but for you and the teacher as well. 

Select the Right Type of Dance

When enrolling your child in dance classes, you need to think about which type of dance will suit them. Here are a few common types of dance that children can learn.


Ballet is a very elaborate dance style. It dates all the way back to the 15th century, making it one of the oldest forms of dance out there. However, ballet requires a great deal of discipline in order to succeed and go on to make a strong career out of this type of dance. 


Hip-hop is energetic, fun, modern, and experimental. It’s a type of dance that’s perfect for young toddlers or for students who simply want to learn more about recreational dance.  


Jazz is another older form of dance that requires a lot of precision, commitment, and energy. It’s a great follow-up for children who are already taking ballet and who want to branch out their dance skills. 

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing is sort of like a mix between jazz and ballet. It’s done in pairs, so is a great option for little ones who are very social and have bubbly personalities. 


Acro is a type of dance that blends classical dance moves with acrobatics. Children need to be extremely physically strong in order to succeed at this type of dance, and it requires a great deal of flexibility and discipline.

Tap Dance

Tap dance uses a special, metal-toed shoe to produce tapping sounds on the dance floor. It’s a fun type of dance for young ones and is a great way for toddlers and little tykes to learn about rhythm. 

Consider the Studio Location

When looking for dance classes for kids, you should consider the location of the studio. The closer the studio is to your home, the better. 

When the dance studio is near your home, it’s easier for you to check in on your child’s progress. Plus, it makes it easier for you to get your child to and from lessons, especially if you’re considering having your child attend multiple classes a week.


Look at How Long the Classes Last

Dance classes can range in duration from 30 minutes to two hours. It’s important to think about this when enrolling your child in dance classes because you want to make sure your child is able to handle the entire class. 

In longer classes, your child will learn more dance steps and enhance their skills faster. However, it will also be more intense and more costly.



Check Out the Studio Fees

Every dance studio has different pricing. Some studios charge their pupils per class while others offer monthly programs for students. The pricing will vary not only from studio to studio but also depending on the type of dance your child is participating in. 

Be sure to check out the fee schedule before signing up for a class. This way there will be no unpleasant surprises when it comes time to pay the bill!

Look for Classes That Offer Recitals

Not all dance classes offer recitals at the end of the program. And, having a recital at the program’s finish keeps your child goal-oriented and helps him or her to learn about motivation and endurance. 

At the same time, classes that offer recitals may not teach your student to focus as heavily on motor skills. If you’re wanting your child to be more of a hobbyist rather than a professional, choosing a dance class that offers recitals may not be necessary. 

Find Local Dance Classes Your Child Loves

With this helpful guide to finding local dance classes for your child, you’re ready to get started with dance class enrollment that allows your child to learn to dance like a professional! And, you won’t be reduced to scouring Google for “dance classes near me” but can instead find a reliable and reputable dance teacher. 

Ready to enroll your child in a dance class he or she loves? Good for you! Get in touch with San Elijo Dance & Music Academy and we’ll get your child enrolled in dance classes for children.