7 Tips on Choosing a Dance Academy for Your Child

Has your child recently shown interest in dance? An academy for dance in San Diego is a great way to allow your child to build on their dance skills and find their passion. With the help of experienced dance teachers, your child will learn many new dance skills and techniques.

Choosing a dance academy will take a bit of patience, however. You don’t want to go with the first dance class you find, simply for that reason. You want to take your time going through all the different dance academy options before making your final selection.

To ensure you find the right dance academy for your child, there are several factors to keep in mind. In the guide below, we’ve listed a few factors to consider. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Ask About the Size of the Classroom

When searching for the right dance academy for your child, do consider the size of the class. Ask the academy how many children are in each class and then take a peek at the size of the actual room where your child will be dancing. There should be enough room for each child to move around and stretch without bumping into one another. 

The number of students in the class is also essential because you want to make sure the dance teacher can give a good amount of attention to each student. Smaller class sizes allow the teacher to focus on each individual student and have more control over every lesson.

You should then ask if you can watch your child practice. Watching your child during practice can help you keep an eye on their progress and how they’re doing in class.

2. Look Into the Different Dance Styles Taught

There are many different dance styles for your child to choose from. There’s contemporary dance, ballet, jazz, hip hop, and more! Take a few moments to research each dance style. Talk with your child about the different dance style options and learn which one they enjoy best.

You might even consider trying a few out with her at home. Once you determine which dance style they enjoy the most, you should then ensure the dance academy offers lessons for that specific type of dance style. 

3. Read Into Their Reputation

Now it’s time to read into their reputation. What do you know about the dance academy? Head online to conduct some research.

You should be able to find online customer reviews after doing a quick search for the academy. What are past and current customers/parents saying about the academy? Contact the academy and ask for a list of referrals. 

If they’re able to give you some referrals, then be sure to contact each one. Ask them some questions you have about the academy and if they’d recommend it. If you know anyone whose child attends dance class, then don’t hesitate to ask them where they go as well. 

This can give you some good insight into dance classes in San Diego. 

4. Ensure They Accept Your Child’s Age Group

Do keep in mind that not all dance academies take all age groups. You’ll want to ensure that the academy you select for your child accepts their age group. Does the dance academy provide age-appropriate music, costumes, and dances for children your child’s age?

Do the teachers have experience working with children in that same age group? If desired, then you may want to ask the dance academy if you can watch the dance class in progress for the age group your child would be in. See how the teachers interact with the children and pay close attention to all the small details as well.

5. Learn About All Safety Procedures

They will be some risks for injuries when your child joins a dance class. This is true for any type of physical activity. What’s most important is that the dance academy and teachers know how to reduce these risks. 

For example; the dance floor should be specially made for dancing on. Dancing on the wrong type of floor can cause injury in the dancer’s knees and ankles. There will be some other precautions that both the teachers and students take to ensure safety at all times. 

Don’t hesitate to ask the teachers about their safety procedures. 

6. Get to Know Your Child’s Teacher

This is also the perfect time to get to know your child’s teacher. Are the teachers qualified to teach dance to the students? Ask the teachers to explain their qualifications and skillsets to you. 

You can also inquire about the number of teachers present at the dance academy and per class. What’s the student/dancer to teacher ratio? Take some time to speak with the teachers who’ll be working with your daughter to get to know them better. 

This can help you when deciding where to place them. 

7. Inquire About the Dress Code

The last thing to remember is the dress code for the dance class. Each age group may have its own dress code to abide by. What will your child be required to wear each dance class? 

Will there be special performances where a costume or special attire is needed? Be sure to ask the dance academy about the dress code in advance so you can plan well for their first class

Choosing a Dance Academy Has Never Been Easier

Placing your child in a San Diego dance academy is an excellent choice for an after-school activity! Dance allows your child to express their creativity in a unique way. Choosing a dance academy for them to attend is the more difficult part, but with the help of this guide, it’s never been easier. 

At San Elijo Dance and Music Academy, we offer a variety of dance styles and classes for those starting at the age of two! Our teachers each have their own individual profiles for you to explore as well. Check out all of our dance and music classes today to get started.