7 Amazing Health Benefits of Ballet Classes

Consistently exercising lowers blood pressure and the body’s cholesterol levels. 

There are plenty of ways to get moving. Going for a walk, riding your bike, or taking a swim are just a few ways to get your blood pumping. A great exercise you may not think about is ballet. 

Ballet fitness brings a large number of health benefits, and it provides a healthy hobby for your kids to invest in. It’ll have them smiling and becoming stronger. 

Below are 7 major health benefits of ballet. Make sure to keep reading, and don’t forget to grab some pointe shoes!

1. Better Endurance

We’ve all had moments of short breath and exhaustion after what seemed to be a simple activity. Ballet exercise quickly improves endurance- getting the body to the point where it can exercise longer. 

With improved muscle endurance and stamina, you’ll notice your child training for longer periods of time. They’ll also be able to develop better breathing methods over time, and they’ll grow up with a healthier heart. 

If they aren’t able to dance for long at the beginning of training, don’t let them be discouraged. Remind them it may take a while to get to the point where they’re able to dance for a couple of hours.

2. Improved Posture

Spending long amounts of time checking their phone and doing homework can leave your child with a bad posture and back pains. One of the best health benefits of ballet is an improved posture. 

Because each move in dance requires extreme alertness to the positioning of the body, your child will quickly learn how to properly align themselves. It’ll be uncomfortable at first, but they’ll get the hang of it. 

This better posture in the dance studio will influence how they stand and sit during school and at home. 

3. Increased Strength

Ballet targets every muscle in the body. The repetition of ballet postures quickly strengthens and tones your child’s muscles, even minor ones they weren’t previously aware of. 

This increased strength allows them to attempt new ballet moves and provides better support for their body. The only thing you’ll have to be concerned about is all of the food you’ll be buying to fuel their growing bodies!

4. Higher Confidence

Not only does exercise increase a child’s physical health, but it also boosts their mental health and self-esteem. Investing in an athletic activity, such as ballet, will encourage your child to feel more confident.

You’ll notice an improvement in how they carry themselves throughout the day. They may also develop a greater work ethic, quicker problem-solving skills, and increased motivation for daily tasks. 

5. Better Flexibility

Are you able to bend over and touch your toes? Muscle tightness can prohibit our bodies from stretching and bending how we’d like them to. Consistent ballet exercise will improve your child’s flexibility. 

Along with increased health, improved flexibility also lowers the chance of major sprains. As a parent, doing what you can to avoid a trip to the doctor is in your favor. 

Encourage your child to stretch and improve their flexibility, even on days they don’t have dance class. They can try out yoga and pilates to complement their dance training. 

6. Improved Heart and Lung Health

Everyone can keep their hearts and lungs healthy by regularly completing cardiovascular activities. Ballet is a wonderful cardiovascular activity for your children to try. 

They’ll be grateful for the activity later in life, especially if they continue dancing or doing other active hobbies. Dancing also encourages better weight management because your child burns tons of calories while dancing. 

Aside from dancing, your child can try other cardiovascular activities such as jogging, swimming, and biking. Try jogging with them for a fun, healthy family activity. 

7. Improved Social Support

It’s important for young children to have strong social support. Ballet allows your children to make friends and find admirable mentors to learn from.

Improved social support will encourage your child to stick with the sport, even in times they’re feeling discouraged and tired. Having an active outlet with friends also improves a child’s emotional health. 

They’ll have plenty of opportunities to laugh and practice creative expression with others. It sets your child up for a positive, engaging future. 

Getting Started at Home

Due to the recent pandemic, many families have been stuck at home. If you’re planning to enroll your child in a dance class soon but haven’t been able to, there are plenty of things you can do at home. 

Introduce your child to simple stretches. Easy stretches include toe touches and leg extensions. Start slow, and ease into the stretches. 

You can also find short YouTube videos online. It doesn’t matter if you’re perfect, as long as you and your child give it your best shot. These videos will expose them to useful ballet exercises.

Lastly, teach your child the importance of good physical health. Encourage them to eat healthily, drink lots of water, and get plenty of rest. 

Find a Class Near You

Once you’re ready to find a nearby class, find a studio to enroll your child. You’ll want to find a studio that offers a variety of classes and the proper support. 

Take a look at studios’ websites and staff descriptions. Especially if ballet is a hobby your child plans to pursue for an extended time, you’ll want to find a teacher that works well with children. 

Read reviews of the studio, and ask studios if you’re able to visit one day before enrolling your child. 

Ballet Fitness Comes With Benefits

There are plenty of health benefits that come along with ballet fitness. It’s a great activity for your children to pursue, especially while they’re young.

Ballet helps with improved posture and increased muscle endurance. Your child will also feel more confident and find a supportive community. Get started with ballet at home today by introducing simple stretches and ballet exercises.

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