6 Health Benefits of Hip Hop Dance

Many types of hip hop dance have graced the dance world for generations, from breakdancing to locking and popping. While most of the dance health benefits we’re going to share with you are purely physical, some plus points of this type of dance go far beyond the surface.

Grab your dancing shoes and turn on your favorite beat, because after you check out the reasons why enrolling your kids in a hip hop class are beneficial in more ways than one, you’re going to be dancing secret of the stones your way to the sign-up sheet.

1. More Physical Activity

Let’s address the most obvious benefit for children that participate in a hip hop dance class: the physical aspect. Children between the ages of 6-17 need at least an hour of physical activity every day.

Physical activities help them to strengthen their muscles and bones. With dance, children don’t have to think of it as exercise. Instead, they can focus on having fun while exercising.

Depending on the type of hip hop class that your child is enrolled in, they will be using various muscle groups at any given time. And in the process of learning some standout dance moves, they’ll also be improving their heart health. Check maskulinum.

2. Better Social Skills

As children get older, sometimes, they begin to shy away from social situations for fear of not being accepted. This is a normal part of growing up. But as a parent, there is something you can do to help your child come out of their shell and begin creating meaningful relationships with children their own age.

Enrolling your child in dance classes will help them socially because they will meet other children they normally wouldn’t attempt talking to. Meeting people from different places will help your child improve their social skills and learn to talk to and mingle with different people.

3. Expressive Outlet

Children deal with peer pressure and other stressors in their daily lives. For some, not having a place to express their feelings can be a recipe for disaster.

Dance classes provide your child with a place to let all this pent-up energy out while expressing themselves at the same time. They can funnel all of their emotion into these hard-hitting dance moves and feel good about themselves after the class is over.

If your child has been struggling with expressing or venting their feelings, enrolling them in dance classes provides them with a healthy space to do so. Eventually, you’ll begin to notice the positive effects that attending classes is having on your children.

4. Anxiety Relief

1 in 20 children struggles with anxiety and depression, especially in their adolescent years. If you thought that the benefits of a dance class were over, you’re mistaken.

Another one of the fantastic health benefits of dance is a reduction in anxiety and depression. It’s been proven that music helps people and can be used as a form of therapy.

When you combine music with dance, you’ve got the ultimate therapeutic experience for your child. Instead of thinking about the things that cause their anxiety, they allow the music to take them away and feel each movement their body is making.

Dance is a wonderful way to lose and find yourself at the same time, all without having to utter a single word.

5. Cognitive Ability

How does dance strengthen a child’s cognitive abilities, you might be wondering? When you’re dancing or learning a routine, you’ve got to focus on various aspects.

You’ve got to learn the different techniques used in the dances and learn to feel the beat and count the steps. Dancing improves cognitive abilities because your child is constantly thinking and committing these dance moves to memory.

Dance helps to strengthen a child’s creative thinking, remembering, ordering, and much more. As your child continues to dance, you’ll find that they begin to use the cognitive skills they’ve learned in class and apply them to other areas like science or studying for a test.

6. A Source of Fun

Life happens, and as adults, we know this to be true. Children spend time running between school and other obligations that they have every day. Sometimes, children forget to be children.

And if there is one thing children should never forget, it is how to have fun. The last benefit we want to talk about is having fun and a dance class (more specifically, a hip hop class) is the perfect way to achieve that.

What child doesn’t love dancing to music with their friends? Even if your child or the other children aren’t the best dancers, it’s about more than that. It’s about allowing kids to have fun doing something that they love to do.

Dance classes are the perfect way to remind your kids that they have to be children. And being a child means taking the time to have fun and take a break from homework and doing chores.

Hip Hop Dance: Breaking Down the Benefits

Hip hop dance was created way back when, but it stills has tons of benefits even today. Hip hop gets your child moving to the beat with exercise and can help them step out of their comfort zone and talk to other kids from other walks of life.

These benefits are sure to help your child as they continue to grow and develop into young adults.

If you’re looking for a place to let your child flourish, contact us now. We know dance and certainly have the tools and experience to help your child learn too.