“Strike Up the Band” Showcase 2021

April 17th & 18th

Performance & First Annual Fundraiser
Conservatory Dancers and Guest Artists

Please help make our First Annual Fundraiser a striking success! Donations of any amount will help SEDMA overcome the extra costs* incurred over the past year and the continued loss of our theater performances**. Contributions from family members, friends or businesses are sincerely appreciated.

Thanks to your unsurpassed community support and the determination of our faculty and students, we will continue to keep safely dancing, performing and thriving!

Additional expenses including

Additional losses from theater cancellations

Your help at any level is so valued and appreciated as we remain wholeheartedly committed to training the next generation of dancers and sharing the magic of dance with our community.

Suggested Contribution Levels

Marching Band

$15.00 per Attendee Ticket Link


$15.00 per Attendee and 50.00 Donation Give - Thank You!


$15.00 per Attendee and 100.00 Donation Give - Thank You!


$15.00 per Attendee and 250.00 Donation Give - Thank You!

Drum Major

$15.00 per Attendee and 500.00 Donation Give - Thank You!